B&C Electronics TU 8182

Turbidity probesTU 8182 has been designed for submersible
measures, and it is equipped with a built-in nozzle for
autocleaning by means of pressured air blasts.
The high sensitivity of this probe and the meter allow for very low
readings in the scale 4.000 NTU.
By selecting the proper scale of the controller, the system can be
used for measuring suspended solids up to 9,999 mg/l

Suitable for drinking water, industrial and treated waste water turbidity measurements. Suitable for activated sludges waste water treatment plants suspended solids measurements. Ready to operate with compressed air autoclean system on the optical surfaces. Made in PVC with built-in electronics to interface TU 7685 and TU 7685.010 controllers. EN 27027 - ISO 7027 nephelometric method with 890 nm infrared lamp source. Interconnecting cable lenght: 10 meters Max. working temperature: 50 °C Max. pressure: 6 bar at 20 °C
FeaturesTechnical DataApplications
  • Input from preamplified sensor
  • Manual, automatic operation
  • Selectable scales with auto range
  • Dual filter software
  • 0/20 or 4/20 mA selectable output, programmable on the input scale
  • 2 Setpoint with min/max function, hysteresis, and adjustable delay
  • Signal for an empty cell, or dirty cell

Technical Specifications

Measuring method Nephelometric (ISO 7027 – EN 27027)
Range 0/4,000 NTU – 0/9,999 mg/l
Resolution 0.001 on scale 0/4.000 NTU
0.01 on scale 0/40.00 NTU
0.1 on scale 0/400.0 NTU
1 on scale 0/4,000 NTU
Response time 10 seconds
Light LED IR 890 nm
Internal sensor for dry cell and dirty lens checking
Preamplifier built-in
Power ±12Vdc
Operating Temperature 0/50 °C
The temperature of the sample 0/50 °C
The pressure of the sample 6 Bar max. at 20 °C
Body PVC
Optical lens Acrylic
Cable length 10 m
Protection IP68
Auto clean Built-in device
Air line connector 1/4″ I/E 3/8″
Air Pressure 3 bar


  • Drinking water
  • Food and beverage
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Textile industry
  • Underground water
  • Swimming pools
  • Water treatment