Data cable for the transfer between devices and PC or between devices with serial RS232 interface and printers

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Model Description Order no.
SK/TC Zero modem cable 820070
AK Laboratory RS 232 cable/9-pin 902758
AK 340/B RS 232 cable/4-pin 902841
AK 540/B RS 232 cable/6-pin 902842
AK CR/PC Thermo reactor/printer 250101
AK 3000 Special cable 250748
AK/LQ300 Device/LQ300 250746
AK 325/S Device/P3001 902837
AK USB A-B 3 m USB A – Mini USB-B, 3 m 902882
AK USB A-Mini USB A. Mini USB B 902881
AK CR/P Thermo reactor/printer 250101