IDS Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

FDO® 925 – optical oxygen sensors for applications in the lab and process, field and wastewater treatment systems – low-maintenance and quick

The FDO® 925 is especially suited for lab and process thanks to its compact size. The flow-free, easy to clean beveled membrane allows it to be used in containers with low sample volumes. Also, low oxygen concentrations below 1 mg/l can be shown exactly.

Out in the field, the FDO® 925 convinces with its rapid response time and the available accessories, such as protective arming made of stainless steel or plastic. The cables are reinforced with Kevlar® and are available in various lengths, they ensure safe measurements in deep lakes or torrential rivers.

In wastewater treatment sites, the FDO® 925 shines during BSB measurements in the Karlsruhe bottle as well as during the monitoring of stationary measuring systems. In connection with the AutoRead function (monitors the stability of the sensor signal) of the MultiLine® devices, its response time can be adapted to that of the online sensor FDO® 700 IQ, which ensures comparable measured values.

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  • Saves time and money – low-maintenance & quick (t99 < 60s)
  • Flow-free with beveled membrane
  • Factory calibrated sensor cap with a smart chip
Concentration 0.00…20.00 mg/l ± 0.5 % of value
Saturation 0.0 … 200.0 %± 0.5 % of value
Partial pressure 0.0 to 400 hPa± 0.5 % of value
Temperature 0 … 50.0 °C ± 0.2 °C