Universal monitor DIQ/S 181

The new system 181 – the digital and cost-efficient single parameter measuring point with proven IQ Sensor Net technology and matching fixed cable sensors

With its system 181, WTW offers a digital and cost-effective alternative to analog measuring points. For the parameters pH/ORP, conductivity, oxygen or turbidity, we offer our new IQ fixed cable sensors.

You will receive a cost-effective measuring point with proven WTW technology. In addition to the power supply via a wide range power supply (100-240VAC) or via 24 V, you will also have 2 power outputs and 3 relays at your disposal.

FeaturesTechnical DataApplications
  • Low-cost alternative to analog measuring points
  • Matching digital IQ fixed cable sensors for pH/ORP, conductivity, O2 and turbidity
  • Stable, robust and proven measuring technology

Technical Data

Version DIQ/S 181(/24V)
Connectable sensors 1 IQ fixed cable sensor
Power outputs and relays 2 x (0) 4–20 mA
3 x relays
Parameters pH/ORP, conductivity, O2, turbidity, temperature
Sensor cable length 10 m
Max. cable length 250 m (DIQ/JB and SNCIQ required sold by the meter)
Power supply Wide range power supply (100-240VAC) or 24V
Connectable modules DIQ/CHV (Cleaning Head Valve)
  • Municipal and Industrial Wastewater
  • Water Treatment
  • Surface Waters
  • Seawater, Brackish water, Fish farming
  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Demineralization
  • Industrial Process Media